In the great north of Kenya stands a mighty extinct volcano, Mount Marsabit.
Considered the mother of the numerous hills and dunes that form a geographical chain of wonders in the desert landscape.
Mount Marsabit is the eye of the urban oasis, Marsabit Town, a town inhabited primarily by Cushitic farmers, Bantu traders, and Nilotic nomads.
The name Marsabit shares in the Amharic origin source, ‘Marsa,’ meaning homestead.
It remains a home away from home for diverse ethnic circles living harmoniously; safari land desert paradise.



Marsabit is approximately 10 hours’ drive by bus from the capital city, Nairobi.

Years before the tarmac road would be complete; it would take 2 to 3 days to complete the journey on a dusty highway only chartable by private vehicles and lorries.

The earliest bus leaving at 8 am daily and arriving between 6 pm and 7 pm.

A rolling landscape flows past the buses heading past Marsabit, north towards the Ethiopian border.

It is common to encounter wildlife on the road.

If you were to ask me to describe the scorching heat in Marsabit with one sentence, it would be.

If Kenya were the cosmos, Marsabit would be a Mars and Venus sandwich.

See what I did there? 😊



The word ‘Ebiftu’ of Amharic origin translates to one of the blessed.

Don JB Shibia has had the profound privilege of spending time with these ‘wild spirits’ who believe only in the sun, moon, and stars.

They find comfort in the rich earth tones of nature wherever they may be.

Fearless in breaking the barrier between primal and societal norms.

You will find them walking barefoot even in the busiest urban centers with no fear of condemnation.

Striving to live in the moment, they live above fears of poverty or worth.

Don JB Shibia, in his research for the ‘Illuminati content, practiced some of their ideas and found them fulfilling.

Taking a break from the world for seven months as he conceptualized his narratives that have now debuted successfully with the BOOK OF JUA, his work void of worldly emotions.

Success is a process untethered to any obstacle.

He now remains objective with how each character faces their fate without prejudice or favor.

Ever remaining a great judge of character.

The illuminite fraternity is a concept that has now become a less frightful quest.

This is just the beginning.

Enter Illumination.



Marsabit has an airstrip a few kilometers outside town.

The Mission Aviation Fellowship [MAF] flight is one of the regular flights [On Tuesdays and Fridays]

Though he is a deep-seated dream of becoming a pilot one day, Don JB Shibia loves the long road better.

Such travels lead to unwinding after months of plotting stories.

And what better way to meet people from all walks of life?

…Yes, it is a bird.



The safari land desert has been growing ever since the 90s at a significant rate.
Global warming has dramatically transformed the once evergreen urban grounds into a semidry landscape.
Hills that once stood heavily forested now stand crumbling and barren in contrast to the forgotten ecosystem.
Now a mirror climate to the largest desert in the great north, Chalbi.
The main physical features of Chalbi are eroded depressions that bear natural trails for desert trekkers.
Most famous of these depressions is the Gof Choba crater.



Don JB Shibia grew up in the great desert trails of Marsabit, where he grew fascinated with the nomadic culture.

This fascination led him to pick photography as a hobby long before he took up his writing hobby.

Content with mobile phone cameras until he began working as a humanitarian in an umbrella organization that housed all thirteen indigenous humanitarian organizations.

Quickly rising through the ranks of volunteer and intern in the span of a few months, he became a project officer in under a year, where his commitment to fieldwork leading to successful missions in eight projects alongside a fast-paced team of experts.

The projects included; Child Protection (Watoto Wetu), Disaster Management (Policy Dialogue), LPRR [Linking Preparedness, Resilience, and Response), Drought Response, Conflict Resolution, Gender Equality, Capacity Development and Resource Management (Climate Change).

Notable humanitarian donors he has worked with include; Eriks Development Partner, Christian Aid, and Horizont3000.

With over 300 caravan missions, he is well versed with different faiths, traditions, and locations encompassing the great north.

Listen to his songs of timeless thought.

A singing well who believes words are the rarest of earth bounty.

Priceless compared to any oil well or diamond pit.



Sometime before mobile phones changed the world, safari land was a simple abode.

A time when children would storm out of their family house to point up at passing airplanes or helicopters.

The 90s were a gift to Don JB Shibia.

Born on Friday the 13th of 1992, he considers his birthday a driving force behind his providence [Quantifiable Amount of Luck] in his daily life.

It is not every day that you find a remedy to writer’s block.

There is never enough time to follow all our dreams, but with indomitable courage, anything is possible.

He would pick indomitable luck over absolute luck any day because it perseveres even when the odds are against you.

10 years of preparation, and he has formulated a recipe to time travel into worlds beyond worlds.

The next frontier does not lie in space.

It lies in the past; Back in the 90s and its bounty of cartoons.